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APAX Nutrition Europe Ltd.
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APAX USA, Inc. is a company with a purpose and commitment to providing consumers with the quality nutritional support products they need to look good, feel good, and get more enjoyment out of life. Our products are unique in the market, and provide premium quality ingredients and innovative formulations at a price point that makes them accessible to the average consumer across a range of market sectors.

Our focus is on leveraging our global reach and network of strategic partnerships to deliver innovation and sustainable growth to our retail partners, while building a relationship of trust with our consumers and to help build awareness of health and wellness with practical solutions to help them reach their overall health, athletic performance, and family life goals.



We grow through creativity, innovation, and continual improvement. We integrate honesty, integrity and ethical business practices into all aspects of our business. We believe in regarding our consumers with respect in order to earn their trust in us as a company and our range of brands and product offerings. Our passion for exceptional quality products will enable us to exceed the expectations of our customers. We are driven solely by customer satisfaction and not by our competition.


APAX USA, Inc. is born of APAX Nutrition Europe Ltd., a company with a legacy of providing exceptional products including Ireland, Spain, and Netherlands. Since 1994, our founder and CEO, Mr. Sebastien Hebbelinck, has been building companies and brands with a reputation for excellence, and a successful track record of market penetration and longevity.


APAX strives to work closely with our strategic partners to create a solid base of loyal consumers. We are dedicated to further increasing the assets and investments of the company to support the continuous development of innovative products for a long term and sustainable growth. Ultimately, we are working to build an exceptional reputation as a leader of quality and innovation in the nutritional support products marketplace.


Isoride | Optimal Nutrition for Endurance AthletesFizzilicious | A healthy alternative to soda and juice!Linea | Nutritional support for health and beauty